Extra Starting Experiences

Want to earn up to six extra Experiences? Of course you do! Here’s how:

  • Go to your character’s page, add a photo, and flesh out a description for them with some more background. In particular, let me know about your first change, how you got inducted into your Tribe (and who did it), and how you joined the pack. Lastly, for each dot of Renown your character has, note what they did to get it – your characters are relatively inexperienced without big deeds under their belt, but generally they’ve all done something worth lauding, at least within their pack, to earn the renown they’ve got.
  • Also on your character’s page, note down any notable character connections they have.
  • Go to the page for the Wolf-Blooded and Human characters you created during the funeral. Clean up and flesh out their descriptions a little. Doesn’t have to be much, but fill in any missing pertinent details (including their description line), and be sure to mention any relations they have with other characters (whether family relations, or just the connections created during the funeral).
  • Next, go to the page for Ron Schmitky and add details about his life you added during the funeral – at the least, this will include your character’s flashback with them, the wolf-blooded you created’s flashback with him, and maybe a note about the human you created and what they’re doing as related to Ron.

All of this nets you a big one Experience! That seems like a lot of work for one Experience, and didn’t I promise you up to six? This is a pack game, so everyone gets one Experience whenever someone goes through and does all that. Which means if everyone does it, everyone gets five Experiences (plus another one when Grant joins in).

Last, but not least, I’d like folks to fix up the Keepers of Harlan wiki page. Multiple people can collaborate on it, just note down things like who joined the pack when, how you got your Totem, and any other group decisions about the pack you make. Once that’s done, everyone gets another Experience.

Only one restriction on how you can spend the Experiences you earn like this – you can’t buy any more renown. Everyone starts the game with the base three renown.

Extra Starting Experiences

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