Sharon Mason

War Vet Home to Raise a Family


Blood: Soldier
Bone: Guru

Flesh Touchstone: Sadie
Spirit Touchstone: Future Self


  • Find Ron’s Killer
  • Calm Down Horses At My Stable
  • Convince Someone not to break the Oath of the Moon

Sharon Mason grew up in Harlan county Kentucky. She left to join the military when she was 18 and built up a decent career training dogs for various purposes within the military. Sharon has always loved animals, especially horses. Her parents are both from the area as well, but when she told them she was going to marry her boyfriend from the military, they took it as a good time to leave the small town for something more interesting. They’re both still alive, but if one or both of them knows about werewolves, they haven’t told Sharon.

With a bit of work, Sharon managed to convince her husband (and smooth talk the right people) into getting him placed at Fort Knox. Its a bit of a drive but it means she can raise her daughter where she grew up and keep her family mostly together at the same time.

A few of the townsfolk took a particular interest in Sharon, but she couldn’t see why. She didn’t question it much though because they babysat for her some of the time, and took a lot of the pressure off being a first time mom. One day Dana Evert was over at her house and she was getting extremely frustrated that her young toddler wouldn’t stop crying. It had been a stressful week and she was at her wits end. She had her first change and it was only due to Dana’s quick thinking and the proximity of Rosie that things didn’t go more poorly for her.

Rosie would prove to be a valuable contact in the coming months as she introduced her to a KY pack of Iron Masters. The pack was already established and well aware of Sharon before she even knew what she was, so in spite of the rough beginning, she found that they were forgiving when they realized she did not know about werewolves, and therefore could not have taken the precautions to protect her child. They have been teaching her about life as a wolf and working with her ever since.

Sharon Mason

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