Dana Evert

Anchor of the 2 Communities


Blood: Alpha
Bone: Community Organizer

Flesh Touchstone: Brother (Cal)
Spiritual Touchstone: The Locus (House)


  • Find Ron Schmitky’s killer
  • Bring Justice to spirits
  • Help Pack Member Achieve Aspiration

Dana grew up knowing all about werewolves. Her father, Leland Evert, was a Stormlord Alpha. She was always proud of her heritage. She waited for the Change all through her teen years, but it never happened.

She fell into pot and other party drugs to cope with her disappointment. For ten years, she basically spent her life on autopilot. She grew and sold pot, worked odd jobs, waitressed, and even escorted for a few years. Only when her father died unexpectedly and the existing Pack disbanded did she begin to inherit some of her father’s sense of responsibility.

Her First Change took place fiver years ago, when she was 31. She was driving her beater truck along the twisting back roads of Harlan County when she was caught in a violent storm. Blinding lightning, gusting winds, and flash flooding knocked down trees ahead of her. She swerved to avoid them and drove her truck off the side of the ravine.

She came to bleeding badly, with a broken leg and wrist, trapped in her truck. The water in the gorge was rapidly rising as the storm surged. She Changed, and was able to heal enough to free herself, a feat for which she earned her first point of the Honor Renown.

She returned to her Harlan still in Death Rage and saw a child that had become separated from her parents. Dana is uncertain, but she believes she ate the child.

Dana earned her second point of Honor during a hallucinogen addled wander into the Hisil where she became lost and believed she saw her father offering to induct her into the Storm Lords after she proved her Honor. She lived in the Hisil for nearly a month while she was inducted, but she never forgot the truth she saw in the Hisil: her father was still alive.

Dana earned her first point of Cunning for devising a plan to trap Creeping Lynx in an attempt to forge a connection and Totem Pact.

Dana Evert

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