Ryder Mariott

Closeted MMA Shitkicker


Blood: The Monster
Bone: Lone Wolf

Flesh Touchstone: The Old Gang
Spirit Touchstone: The Lune


  • Earn Glory renown
  • Make Avery Feel Shitty
  • Participate in the killing of a werewolf

Ryder’s 21 years old but mentally still in high school. He took a country mile of shit from everyone in his life, starting with his dad and extending to the rest of the town of Harlan until he learned how to fight. He learned fast and figured out that fighting’s the thing he likes to do best, so he’s quick to suggest a rumble at the first sign of conflict.

Ryder’s had a fight or two with Andrew Bowman, snot-nosed little homophobe that he is, but he keeps coming back for more pain. Ryder’s got no problem with serving it up if he likes it so well. Since joining up with a mostly-illegal prizefighting ring, Ryder’s had a lot of practice – even before his first change, he was getting noticed for his take-no-prisoners approach. It was during a fight that his first change happened – he got popped in the nose and wolfed out all at once. A couple guys shot him, fortunately his opponent got away, and when Ryder came to, he was surrounded by a gang in unfamiliar colors who called themselves Blood Talons. When he found out what they were about, of course he joined right up.

Since then, Ryder’s been having a lot of fun in Harlan playing the heavy, and stretching his capabilities as a werewolf. Ryder loves the thrill of the hunt, and he likes the feeling of total abandonment in Gauru even better.

Ryder Mariott

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