Avery Bowman

Introverted backwoods hunter


Blood: Fox
Bone: Wallflower

Flesh Touchstone: Andrew (Brother)
Spiritual Touchstone: The Wilds


  • Kill something
  • Protect my brother
  • Best Ryder at something

Avery’s always known there was something different about her family. She had a vague idea of what exactly that difference was through her whole childhood, but when she started turning into a huge wolf creature every full moon shortly after turning 13, the exact nature of her family’s strangeness became clear quite quickly. Her mother Abby was quick to fill her in – no, she wasn’t actually a werewolf, but she might be one day. When she Changed six years later, it was a surprise, but one she was prepared for.

Growing up, her father Phillip taught her how to hunt. She’s been shooting deer and other game since she was 14. He also taught her survival – camping, navigation, fire starting, the works. By now, she feels more at home in the forest than in town. Abby taught her about their family legacy – blessing or curse, it depends on who you ask – and about the supernatural. Both Phillip and her brother Andrew are still in the dark, despite Andrew being Wolf-Blooded.

Avery’s always been quiet, and didn’t make a lot of friends in school. Those she did have, she grew apart from when school ended, as she doesn’t spend much time in town or at social gatherings. She rarely spends time with anyone that isn’t a member of her pack or her family.

Avery’s First Change happened four years ago, and luckily, while she was hunting alone. There were several mutilated deer corpses found in the forest in the days and weeks after, and she ripped the family dog to pieces, but she didn’t kill any people – as far as she can remember. When she came home, she and Abby contacted her uncle, a member of a pack elsewhere in Kentucky. She left to stay with him for a few months so she could learn from another werewolf, and it was he who taught her how to be a Hunter in Darkness. It was here that she gained her Purity Renown: the first for successfully completing her initiation into the tribe, during which she fasted; the second for eliminating a human who had learned of another Uratha’s true nature. (The other Keepers of Harlan are unaware of this.) Her Cunning was earned during a hunt in Harlan that only succeeded as a result of her tracking skills.

She started spending even more time in the woods after she gained the ability to transform at will, and now spends the majority of her time in Urhan form, patrolling the territory and hunting. When she’s not working a shift at Wal-mart or being dragged out to social events by Dana, that’s usually where she can be found.

Avery Bowman

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